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Nico closed the door, his hand holding the doorknob the whole time so it would make the less amount of noise possible. The high-pitched beep of the machines was deafening and he tried to picture her laughter one more time. He rubbed his temples and walked down the hall, the taste of chocolate chip cookies still in his mouth.

He sighed, his skin felt warm even in that gray and chilly part of the hospital. He turned the next corner, catching his reflection in the doors that separated this ward from the rest of the building. He wondered who the old lady saw in him.

A loved one, perhaps. Maybe a random person she once glanced at in a crowd.

Who knew.

He took the elevator by the right. He doubted he was here. Well, probabilities were on his side, but he had no way of knowing if he was at work right now, even less so if he was at this hospital.

Probably not.

He bit the inside of his cheek and entered the maternity ward anyway. The walls glowed a soft peach in the afternoon sunlight and the constant murmur of people sounded like cicadas in the summer. A baby screamed and Nico picked up his pace, his strides longer. He turned another corner and stopped, his gut feeeling like it was full of air. A tall, broad blond was standing next to one of the rooms, his hand pinching the bridge of his nose.

Nico took another step forward and halted. The blond was frowning, and his full lips were set in a thin line.


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⋆ Detailed Headcanon Prompter! ⋆

  • ⋆ :

    Minor personality flaw or quirk

  • ✢ :

    Physical advantage

  • ✣ :

    Physical disability/disadvantage

  • ✦ :

    Fatal flaw

  • ✧ :

    Mental or emotional strength

  • ❋ :

    Belief they have

  • ✩ :

    Belief they've questioned/struggled with

  • ✪ :

    Critique they have about others

  • ✫ :

    Pet peeve

  • ✬ :

    Something minor they enjoy

  • ✭ :

    An obscure interest

  • ✮ :

    A moral standard

  • ✯ :

    Way they could see themselves dying

  • ✰ :

    Weird thing they want to try or have tried

  • ★ :

    A socially unacceptable thought they've had

  • ✱ :

    Someone or something who or that has played a part in a fantasy or daydream

  • ✲ :

    Something or someone they down right hate

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